AA .21

AA 45 Parabolic

AA .67 Parabolic Nitro Pipe Get the popular .67 Parabolic Pipe made famous by Andy Brown. This spectacular pipe has had tremendous success on the racing circuit including on-going NAMBA Heat racing records. No matter who the record belonged to the pipe remained the same. It was used to set IMPBA 2 Lap and straight-line recods as well. You can't go wrong with the .67 Parabolic Pipe. It's fast. It's consistant. It's reliable. Total length of pipe: 15" Diameter at the weld: 2 1/2" Length from the weld to the end of the stinger: 6 3/4" Length from the weld forward: 8 1/4" Inner Diameter of the stinger: .470" Outer Diameter of the stingers: .550"